Pink Blossom Tree Giant Wall Decals

Pink Blossom Tree Giant Wall Decals

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Pink Blossom Tree Giant Wall Decals


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This beautiful tree of pink flowers is in full bloom year round.

Flowering in sweet and delicate shades of pink, this giant wall watercolor style tree wall decal will always keep your home bright and cheerful. Assemble the decal by removing each pre-cut element from the backing and applying to the desired surface. Repeat the process until you've created a custom tree of your very own. A great way to decorate living spaces, bedrooms, or even a bathroom!

This product is printed on clear material. White or light colored walls are recommended for best results.


1 sheet of 27" x 40"
1 sheet of 18" x 40"
assembled size 38" x 65"

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Boris N
The decals separated from the paper easily. It took a little adjusting to put the pieces where they fit. The adhesive leaves no residue and the background plastic is all but invisible.

I've had this decal up for a couple of weeks now and I think it looks great. I have medium-dark walls but the background plastic is nearly invisible. Occasionally the light will hit it from certain angles and let you see it, but I expect that happens no matter what color your walls are.

The various pieces went up easily and were easy to take down and reposition as well.
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