Outer Space Wall Decals

Outer Space Wall Decals

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Outer Space Wall Decals


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Turn your little one's bedroom into a bastion of space exploration! You can go anywhere your imagination takes you with this outer space wall decal set.

Fly by aliens in your space shuttle (or futuristic rocket ship), circle around all 8 planets plus Pluto, and have the sun light your way past robots and asteroids as you journey through the solar system.

This outer space wall decal set includes:

  • All of the planets and the sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter (plus moons), Saturn (plus moons), Neptune, and Uranus
  • Some non-planetary rocky solar system objects too: a few asteroids, our moon, and Pluto.
  • 2 purple aliens with three eyes, one holding a sign saying "Earth this way"
  • 2 green aliens with two eyes: one in a flying saucer and another sitting on Mars
  • 1 green alien with one eye in a flying saucer
  • 4 rocket ships with an American flag painted on the side: two saying "Discovery"
  • 1 rocket ship with "Intergalactic Mail" on the side
  • 1 rocket ship with "Space Police" on the side
  • 1 red space robot with a spacesuit on
  • 1 space shuttle
  • 1 Apollo lunar lander
  • 1 American astronaut boy

Create Your Own Outer Space Themed Bedroom

Create your own outer space scene with this set of removable and repositionable wall stickers. Jump on board the spaceship of your choice and explore the universe... all on your walls! And whenever you're ready for a new adventure, you can move the designs around and start all over again. Fun and easy!

This product is printed on clear material for a "stenciled" look. White or light colored walls are recommended for best results.


4 sheets of 10" x 18"
decals range from 9.25" x 9.25" to 1.25" x 1.25"

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These look so great on my son's wall - they look like they are a painted mural. Everyone comments on how cool it looks. My son loves his planets and space ships. I combined this with the glow in the dark star set and it works really well together.
So cool! My son is going to love these!
This is awesome. smile---) exactly what Im looking for
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