Bands & Music

Bands & Music

Bring your favorite bands, lyrics, or musical acts to your walls with our varied selection of music wall decals.

Whether you’re a One Direction fan or a follower of shows like Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush, get inspired and celebrate music in any space.

Applying our music wall graphics is a breeze! Just peel each pre-cut decal from the reusable liner and stick it on your wall, furniture, or other smooth surface of choice. RoomMates can be applied to any flat, non-textured surface, and can be peeled away and reused over and over without any damage or sticky residue left behind. They’re ideal for kids’ rooms, dorms, or anywhere else where temporary wall décor is a must. You can change them as often as you like – and you won’t break the bank, either!

So whether you prefer trendy yet traditional lyric wall graphics or huge decals of your favorite band members, shop our selection of music wall decals to make any room or space a little more inspiring.

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  • Our Wall Decal Promise

    RoomMates wall decals are made to be applied on and removed from walls in minutes! Guaranteed to not break the bank, RoomMates wall decals are friendly on wallets allowing you to change your decor as often as you'd like. From wall decals for kids, girls wall decals, boys wall decals, nursery and more, we have thousands of wall decals for you to choose from.

  • Our Most Popular Wall Decals

    Some of our most popular lines include Disney wall decals, Frozen wall decals, Disney Princess decals, Mickey Mouse wall decals, Star Wars wall decals, and Winnie the Pooh wall decals. If looking for something special to add into your home decor, our home collection houses some of our most beloved designs for kitchens, laundry rooms and general living spaces featuring fun floral, deco, chalkboard, quote and nature inspired designs.

  • Wall Decals For Any Space

    Whether you are looking to bring life to a nursery, fill your child's room with their favorite popular characters, or create a bold new look in your living room, we have wall decals that suit every space, style, season, and budget. Even great for birthday parties, use our wall decals for party decorations; then peel them and reapply to your child's room. For more wall decal decorating ideas or common questions about our decals, keep reading!