Celestial Stars & Planets Glow in the Dark Wall Decals

Celestial Stars & Planets Glow in the Dark Wall Decals

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Celestial Stars & Planets Glow in the Dark Wall Decals


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Sleep under the stars with our celestial planets and stars.

These glow-in-the-dark wall decals will light up your child's walls or ceiling every night! Stick them up on any wall or smooth surface and move them around as many times as you like. With over 200 decals in each pack, you can practically cover your ceiling with stickers! A brilliant decorating idea for space-themed nurseries or bedrooms.

Please note that glow-in-the-dark wall decals must be exposed to light before they will glow. To activate, shine a flashlight or light bulb on decals, then place on wall or surface.

This product is printed on opaque material for optimum color brightness. Suitable for any wall color.

Customer Reviews

K Lisi
My 10-yr-old daughter loves these! We turn on the overhead light for 10 minutes before she goes to sleep and they glow very nicely (I believe you need electric lights, not daylight, to make them glow). In the daytime they look great too!

Other people have mentioned them not glowing long enough, but my daughter falls asleep pretty quickly, so it's not an issue for us.
These are horrible, they dont glow in the dark at all
HOlly X
I bought these and put them on my 2 yr old's ceiling. I had painted his ceiling a deep blue so these look really great even during the day. He likes to point to all the planets and name them before he goes to sleep. I would say that they glow for about 20 minutes - which is right about the time he's falling asleep anyway. I love these!
Just bought these stickers. They don't glow very long but we decided to buy a black light for our son's room. Thinking that will really make them light up...along with everything else that is light/white in the room.
To get them to glow all night buy a black light bar light and mount it on the wall. I leave it on for a while before bedtime. When you turn it off my stickers will glow all night. You can use a black light bulb but doesn't work as well.
I like the product as well. I really wanted to buy more but, the problem is
as soon as we turn off the light. In few minutes it will stop glowing and thats really sad! cause it looks awesome when it works. Any ideas as to how to improve this?
Michelle Staggs
I really like the product as does our 3 year old as long as it glows. When we turn the lights off it will glow for a few min. but then stop. We open the window blinds daily and lift them so that the sun comes in. Her walls are white. Perhaps we are doing something wrong? I am hoping someone from customer service will read this and offer some tips. Thanks and it really does look like the sky at night when it works.
We have the Celestial Wall Stickers in our 3 year old daughters room. She loves them. We have them on her ceiling and it's a nice glow in the dark feature for when she goes to bed at night.
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