Disney∙Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen Giant Wall Decal


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Disney∙Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen Giant Wall Decal


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Disney Pixar's Cars

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Ready, set, race with our Disney∙Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen Giant Wall Decal!

Everyone's favorite car, Lightning McQueen, is ready for the finish line in your child's bedroom. The Disney∙Pixar favorite from Cars can easily be assembled on your child's wall or any smooth, flat surface in their play room or bedroom.

Each pack comes with seven wall decals ranging from 3.25" x 1" to 16" x 38.75" in size. Lightning McQueen and friends are printed on clear material so the decal edges will blend into your walls, but the inner portions of the design are opaque and will stand out against any paint color.

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Before you kick things into high-gear in your child's space, make sure your walls are clean and paint is fully cured. Allow at least two to three weeks of dry time before applying RoomMates decals. Our decals are specially formulated to stick to walls but never fully adhere to them. This means you can reposition and remove decals without any damage.

Get Creative With Cars

To remove a decal, slowly peel from the edge to the center and place on its original backing — or a piece or wax paper to store. The adhesive will allow it to be reapplied to walls again and again, so kids can perfect their Cars-themed hideaway.

If sticky fingers get the best of Lighting McQueen, the decal can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth soaked in a mixture of water and mild detergent to remove fingerprints and grime.

This product is printed on clear material to allow edges to blend into walls, but inner portions of the design are opaque. Suitable for any wall color.

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Awesome! My son loves it, bigger than expected, and price was too good to pass up compared to more expensive competition. Ordering Mater to go with this Mcqueen as we speak!
Great saves me some money while s
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