Trendy Tuesday: Repurposed Pallets

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By Nicole N.

As repurposing is growing more popular, I am beginning to see pallet projects emerging in design magazines and on Pinterest. When I think of how a pallet is used, the first thing that comes to mind is storing and shipping goods… but this is no longer the only use for this versatile object!

Many DIYers are pulling out all the stops to create useful and practical pieces for their homes. It always amazes me when a something as simple as a pallet is transformed into a useful piece of furniture or wall decor. Here are three of my favorite ways to incorporate a pallet into your home.


image from Life on the Balcony

This pallet garden is a perfect way to incorporate a garden into a small space. Often times a must have for a new home or apartment is outdoor space or a garden area. This is a great way to be close to your favorite downtown hotspot without having to sacrifice the small garden you want to complete your outdoor space.

Pallet Shelving by Amanda Carver Designs

image from Amanda Carver Designs

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine how to display family pictures, or come up with a layout for a focal wall. By creating a pallet shelf, it adds a rustic touch and provides a great space to display your pictures—all without creating several holes in the wall.

Pallet Wooden Sign Ideas from Namely Original

images from Namely Original

The above pallet signs from Namely Original are all great ways to incorporate a favorite quote or saying into your wall decor. Personally, I am afraid to stencil my favorite quotes on the wall. The pallet wooden signs are a perfect solution and they can easily be interchanged for the holidays or other occasions.

This are just a few ideas: pallets can be transformed into many useful things and can be found just about anywhere. As a DIYer, I am inspired to hunt down some pallets of my own and revive them. What do you think about these ideas? Have you used a pallet in your home? Let us know what you think!

Looking for more ways to repurpose a pallet? Check out this board on Pinterest for additional ideas.

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