Trendy Tuesday: Glitz, Glamour, Glitter

I love glitter. I mean, how can you not? Here at RoomMates, we add it to our wall decals -- snowflakes, Fairies, peace signs, holiday designs -- and even print it on our wallpaper. (Pictures just don't do that last one justice.) Sometimes a bit of sparkle is all you need to transform a piece of decor from drab to fab.

Subtle glitzy and glittery accents are emerging as a trend, specifically when it comes to seasonal decorating. Why have boring orange pumpkins with carved out faces when you could have glitter pumpkins instead? Dip them in glue, throw on some glitter, and you'll be celebrating your Halloween in style.

image from p.s. heart image from p.s. heart

Or, turning our attention now to the winter seasons... why not bring some bling to a table, desk, or mantle with these sparkling blue penguins? I love penguins, so it's hard for me to imagine only using these seasonally. If they were yellow, I'd probably keep them on my desk permanently.

metallic penguins from wishdaisy at Etsy metallic penguins from wishdaisy at Etsy

CB2's latest catalog sported a "disco gnome" from the Novogratz collection that is covered in small metallic tiles. True to its name, it looks like a disco ball in the shape of a gnome. I was really unsure about this at first, but seeing it on a holiday themed mantle... hey, it's not too bad.

image from CB2 image from CB2

Glitter doesn't have to be saved for Halloween or Christmas, though: glamorous home decor has its place year-round... if you're brave. This gold foil-accented print urges you to "live with a little sparkle." I love the sentiment.

print from Emily McCarthy print from Emily McCarthy

And finally, these bottles -- handmade by Pinterest user Kimberly Cobb -- are a fast, easy, and colorful way to bring a glitzy touch to any space. I could see these clustered together as a table centerpiece, scattered around a room, or used at a party or special event. They look like they'd be easy to make with any bottle or vase.

photo from Kimberly Cobb on Pinterest photo from Kimberly Cobb on Pinterest

These glamorous and glittery accents are just a few of my favorites for giving your home, desk, or holiday decorating a touch of sparkle. What do you think of the glitter trend? Are you using glitter in your home or office? Feel free to share your ideas, experiences, or photos with us in the comments. Join us next week for another look at a home decorating trend that we just can't get enough of!

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