Trendy Tuesday: Black & White

If you're overwhelmed by color and confused by trends, there's no shame in going back to the basics. The simple and classic pairing of black and white can make a room fun, cozy, dramatic, calm, and everything in between. I'm seeing B&W re-emerge as a trend in fashion, and this combination is timeless when it comes to home decor.

Though you may think that a black and white space runs the risk of being boring, it's actually an effective backdrop for those of us who like to change our decor on a regular basis. Pops of color from pillows, prints, decals, and seasonal decorations can be swapped in and out as desired, and yet the overall feeling of the room will remain clean, bright, and trendy.

This photo from IKEA is a perfect example: the living space feels neat and tidy, and the pops of red add visual interest.

photo from IKEA photo from IKEA

This painted black and white fireplace is playful and ultra cool. The blue rug and turquoise pieces on the table add even more flair to the room.

photo found at Belle Maison photo found at Belle Maison

There's warmth abound in this dining room from a home in Sweden. The brown herringbone floor is a lovely setting beneath comfy white chairs, simple pendant lights, and a cool chalkboard feature wall in the back corner. I used to think shades of brown couldn't match black and white decor, but I'm happy to be proven wrong.

photo from Skona hem photo from Skona hem

And this black and white home office features very soft pink walls, breaking up what might otherwise be considered a stark space.  The large window also gives the room plenty of natural light, which can help keep a B&W-dominated space from looking dark or dull.

photo from What I Wore photo from What I Wore

If you're looking for a final touch to add to a black and white room, consider a print or wall decal in a bright color or pattern to add interest and break up the space. Or if you're just getting started on a B&W theme, make progress without breaking the bank: add a matching wall decal like these modern dandelions...

graphic dandelion wall decals graphic dandelion wall decals

... or a functional piece of wall decor like our chevron Magic Hook.

black & white chevron Magic Hook black & white chevron Magic Hook

What are your thoughts on this decorating trend? Do you have a room decorated in black and white? What do you do to keep it interesting?

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