Rose's Silver Dollar Branch Border

We always love to be surprised by what people have accomplished with RoomMates. Our latest customer submission comes to us from Rose, who used our Silver Dollar Branch Wall Decals in a truly creative way! Here's what she wrote us about her decorating project:

After painting and wallpapering our open concept kitchen and dining room, I wanted to complete the two rooms by connecting them with an elegant vine stencil. While shopping, I came across a RoomMates display. As soon as I saw the Silver Dollar decals, the colors were exactly what I was looking for.

I laid out the pages that the decals are on, and knew with some cutting I could place the branches on the wall to create a flowing pattern to connect the two large areas.

Rose used the wall decals to create an elegant border that sits between the paint and wallpaper in her kitchen and dining room. From a distance, it honestly looks like a stencil that is part of the paint! Here are the photos she sent us:

IMG_3837 our Silver Dollar Branch decals look like a stencil from a distance
IMG_3833 the decals are used as a border above the kitchen cabinets
IMG_3811 they really tie the rooms together!

I love what Rose did here! And to be honest, I don't think our designers ever anticipated this wall decal being used as a border. It's always great when our customers come up with a creative use for our wall decals that far exceeds our expectations.

Rose went on to talk about how she created this look, and what she thought about her experience with RoomMates:

As soon as I got home, I started to align the branches to create a flowing pattern. There was some cutting to get the effect I was looking for, but not much was wasted. I was able to cut the leaves off individually and place them to fill in bare areas.

What a great invention your decals are, they were so easy to work with. If I had to reposition a branch or leaf, I just gently peeled [it off] and replaced it. I'm very pleased and proud of this project.

As she should be! This was a really innovative use for our decals, and I am so glad she took these photos to share with everyone. Thanks so much for sending in your project, Rose!

Have you used RoomMates in a creative way? Take some photos and send them in! We are always looking for new customer submissions, projects, and ideas to share on our blog. If we use your photos or idea, we'll reward you with a $25 gift certificate to our site. Check out our submissions page to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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