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  • How to Easily Apply Giant Wall Decals

    We’re not kidding when we say our giant wall decals are, well, giant. Some of them are huge—up to six feet tall!—and we know it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you open the packaging, pull out the sheets, and see just how big those pieces are. Continue reading

  • Creative and Crafty Headboard Ideas

    When my husband and I moved in together and combined our two households of furniture, we settled on using his bedroom furniture as opposed to mine. All of his furniture is some kind of solid wood, so it’s very pretty... as well as heavy, nearly impossible to move without a full team of people, and noisy. The headboard on our bed is no exception to these rules: at one point something broke that we can’t seem to fix, so every time we so much as roll over, the darn thing goes clunking into the wall. We’ve moved the bed back and tried to fix the break, but at this point I’m ready to rip the whole thing off. Continue reading

  • Make Your School Year Fun with Wall Decals

    The new school year is officially here, and we’ve got plenty of new wall decals to dress up dorms, bring life to lockers, or make learning lots of fun in classrooms or at home. If you’re looking for a little something special for the students in your life, check out some of our ideas below. Continue reading

  • Tuhina's Jungle Adventure Surprise

    Our latest customer decorating story comes to us from Tuhina in Philadelphia, PA. She sent us some adorable photos that we absolutely had to share with you! Tuhina used our Jungle Adventure wall decals to decorate her son Milan’s playroom as a birthday surprise. She writes: Continue reading

  • Sneak Peek: New Wall Decals for Fall

    In our recent blog post on why we love feedback, I mentioned that the idea for our Scroll Tree Branch design came primarily from customers who wanted just a little extra for their Scroll Tree MegaPack. The feedback we get from our fans and followers is invaluable—and it's a big help when it's time for us to start designing new products. Continue reading

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