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  • Trendy Tuesday: Hello, Yellow

    Welcome to Trendy Tuesday! This week I'll be discussing one of my absolute favorite decorating trends from the past year: the emergence of yellow as a color of choice. Continue reading

  • Friday Finds: Kids' Spaces

    Today's Friday Finds are focused on the special little ones in your life: children. There are so many ideas out there for decorating, games, and activities that it can be hard to choose just one favorite, but I gave it my best shot. Continue reading

  • Ida's Creative Custom Wall Decals

    Overseeing our custom wall decal studio operations gives me the chance to see all of the creative and unique things our customers come up with. Today I'd like to share three of my favorite designs sent in by RoomMates customer Ida. Continue reading

  • Friday Finds: Getting Handy with Hardware

    Today's Friday Finds is all about repurposing hardware to create functional and crafty pieces for your home. When you think of home decor, I know the last thing that probably comes to mind is taking a trip to your local hardware store to pick up supplies... but inspiration comes from all sources, and you might be surprised by what you can make with a little bit of metal! Continue reading

  • Trendy Tuesday: Designing With Typography

    Any quote lovers out there? If so, have you been wondering what else you can do to make your favorite saying even more interesting? As a designer for RoomMates, I am constantly looking for creative new ways to use my art to convey a message. Lately I have been seeing more and more designs created from the use and arrangement of letterforms. When done effectively, the collaboration of words can be quite compelling when composed into a typographic image. Whether you are using a specific quote, family members' names, lyrics to a song, or an inspirational saying, each word can take on a completely different meaning in typography. Continue reading

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