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  • Look For the Tree in Apartment 23

    A few days ago, one of our graphic designers, Brandi, happened to catch a trailer for the upcoming ABC series “Don’t Trust the B---- in Apt 23.” This comedy series is about an ambitious young woman named June who moves to NYC to pursue her dream job. After her arrival, however, the company shuts down and she is forced to find a new place to live. June moves in with Chloe, a “deceivingly charming” party girl who is, as the title suggests, not to be trusted. But the two form an unlikely friendship, and are accompanied by a supporting cast that includes James Van Der Beek playing a role as himself. Continue reading

  • Joanna's Growing Flowers Inspired Nursery

    We’ve been receiving a lot of great photos and decorating stories over these past few weeks! I’ve enjoyed reading emails about how our wall decals were used in a wide variety of different settings, from bedrooms and nurseries to a public library, and how they improved the rooms or changed the setting entirely. It never fails to brighten my day when I get a new photo from a customer! Continue reading

  • Using Custom Wall Decals as Desk Decor

    “Where does this person sit?”

    This is a fairly common question in our studio, one we hear a few times a week. With new RoomMates staff joining us what seems like every time I turn around—and causing our conference room to resemble a package of sardines every time we have a meeting—it’s expected that other members of the company or warehouse team aren’t going to know who everyone is. We regularly receive deliveries to our desks from either inside or outside the building, which usually leads to a rather confused person walking around the studio asking who is who, or where someone in particular has moved to. The fact that we very recently split our studio up into two floors hasn’t helped this matter, either. Continue reading

  • Unique Things to Try With Easter Eggs

    When I was growing up, the approach of Easter meant one thing to me: it was time to dye eggs. (Okay, so it also meant that my grandmother was going to spoil me with a huge basket of candy, but we’ll ignore that for the sake of this post). Each and every year, my mother would sit my sister and I down at our dining room table with bowls of dye, two or three dozen eggs, and those little wire egg holders that never seemed to keep their shape. I always felt immensely creative when I dyed eggs, and seeing them used in our church’s Easter egg hunt gave me a huge swell of pride. I always wanted to point at the eggs and yell “I made that!” (And I probably did, come to think of it — sorry, Mom!) Continue reading

  • Trina's Terrific Transportation Room

    One piece of feedback that we consistently hear from customers and fans is that our wall decals are very easy to change as kids grow up and their tastes change. This is one of the comments that Trina made in her email to us about her son’s room. She needed to transform a “serene” and “minimally decorated” nursery into a bedroom suitable for a toddler. Trina writes: Continue reading

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