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  • Trendy Tuesday: Designing With Typography

    Any quote lovers out there? If so, have you been wondering what else you can do to make your favorite saying even more interesting? As a designer for RoomMates, I am constantly looking for creative new ways to use my art to convey a message. Lately I have been seeing more and more designs created from the use and arrangement of letterforms. When done effectively, the collaboration of words can be quite compelling when composed into a typographic image. Whether you are using a specific quote, family members' names, lyrics to a song, or an inspirational saying, each word can take on a completely different meaning in typography. Continue reading

  • Easter Made Simple

    The skies are the limit when decorating for Easter, from baskets to centerpieces. I am always seeing new ideas that are perfect for the spring season. Easter is early this year, making it even more important for decorating to be stress-free. Here are a few quick and easy projects you can try with your family. Continue reading

  • Friday Finds: Taste of Spring

    Welcome to the first of many “Friday Find” posts! Last weekend we experienced a much needed taste of warm weather, which inspired us to put on our creative thinking caps. We each came into work with so many ideas for our own homes that we decided to share two of them with you! Continue reading

  • Gail's Elegant Powder Room Makeover

    Powder rooms and small bathrooms can be tough to decorate. My old apartment's half bath was by far the most sparsely decorated room in the space my husband and I shared. It was a tiny, awkwardly shaped room at the top the stairs with very little wall space that wasn't occupied by the toilet, sink, or towel rack. I remember researching decorating options for all of ten minutes before throwing down a rug, plopping a soap dispenser on the sink, and then giving up completely! Continue reading

  • Zamari's RoomMates-Filled Bedroom

    Our latest customer submission comes to us courtesy of Eureka, whose eight year old daughter, Zamari, used our wall decals to decorate her bedroom. Zamari is definitely an interior designer in the making: she used a whopping seven different RoomMates designs in her room, and all without the walls or furniture looking cluttered or busy. Color me impressed! Eureka writes us: Continue reading

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