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  • Friday Finds: Words of Wisdom

    Who doesn't love a good quote or saying? We've all got a favorite (or a few). We put them on our desktop wallpaper, have them printed out and taped to our desk, or just jotted down on a sticky note. There are tons of ways to keep an inspiring phrase or funny saying close by, and sometimes it's all you need to get moving again when you're feeling discouraged. Speaking personally here, when I was going through a tough time, I had some Jimmy Eat World lyrics written on a piece of paper taped beneath my keyboard. No one would have guessed how much that helped me! Continue reading

  • Designer Q&A: Dena Designs

    We're officially kicking off a new blog feature today! One by one, we'll be sitting down with our featured designers for a little question and answer session. Our first interviewee is Dena from Dena Designs.

    Continue reading

  • Trendy Tuesday: Lovely Lace

    Lovely lace took over the fashion runways in the spring of 2013 with a strong presence in the bridal industry. Now, lace is emerging into the world of home decor as well. You can find this dainty, romantic pattern in furniture, walls, upholstery, bedding, and more. Whether you are using actual lace or a stencil, this trend is definitely taking over. Continue reading

  • Trendy Tuesday: Ombre Home Decor

    From yellow and pink to blue and gray, the ombre design trend is taking over. Typically a trend begins in the fashion industry and then emerges into interior design, but with ombre this was not the case. Ombre has been around for quite some time in the interior design world—since 2008 to be exact—but only recently received a boost from the fashion industry. I recently had the tedious task of selecting paint colors for the exterior of my home. I quickly found my self lost in the paint aisle, staring at every color imaginable. You're probably wondering what this has to do with ombre... but the next time you visit your local hardware store, take a walk through the paint section and look around. As it turns out, ombre is everywhere! Continue reading

  • Friday Finds: Kid-Friendly Summer Fun

    With the summer season is upon us, much of the country is experiencing hot and humid temperatures and the occasional thunderstorm. This week's Friday Finds are focused on having fun and keeping cool on these hot summer days. Continue reading

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