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  • Friday Finds: Kids' Workspaces

    With the back to school season upon us, I have collected some great ideas to create a workspace your children can call their own. This week's Friday Finds are are all about expressing creativity, inspiring learning, and allowing your child to study in a comfortable environment. Continue reading

  • Trendy Tuesday: Solid Gold

    What do you think of when you hear the word “gold”? Does it inspire thoughts of luxury, wealth, and opulence? Do you think fondly about a favorite piece of jewelry? Or do you crinkle up your nose because it reminds you of that old light fixture in your dining room that you just can't wait to replace? Continue reading

  • Designer Q&A: Estela Lugo

    Our designer Q&As continue! I recently conducted a short interview with Estela Lugo, best known as the creator of our ONE decor line of functional wall decals. If you haven't seen it yet, the ONE decor line combines two sizes of shelves with wall decals to create playful and truly functional storage and wall decor solutions. Here's what Estela had to tell me about her inspiration for the line, her favorite colors, and more. Continue reading

  • Friday Finds: Pretty Pennants

    When I think of pennants, I think of the historical use, where they were originally flown as flags from the masthead of many ships. Following the use as flags, pennants were transformed into a way to show off your school pride. I even still have one from when I was in high school! Continue reading

  • Ten Minute Makeover: Cabinet with Wallpaper Backing

    When I first spotted the subject of my latest ten minute makeover, I had just declared that I didn't need any more furniture in my home office. I had just finished spray painting my yellow chair, hanging my pegboard, and putting my new desk and dresser in place. It was a rainy Saturday morning, and my husband and I were perusing some garage sales to see if we could find cheap frames or wall art—no furniture, absolutely not. Continue reading

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