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  • Amazing Accent Walls

    There's something fresh, clean, and natural about plain white walls. Their simplicity allows us to view them almost as a plain canvas, one that can be decorated in a huge variety of ways. But why not make the wall itself the focus, rather than what you put on or against it? Continue reading

  • Pantone's Color Trends for Fall & Spring

    Fall is upon us, and with the new season comes a new set of color trends. Pantone has established some great new trends in design and decor based on the fashion runways for autumn—and beyond that to spring. Let's take a look at their thoughts and predictions and explore some ways to easily use these popular shades in your home without spending a fortune. Continue reading

  • Welcome to the new!

    After several weeks of planning, developing, editing, more editing, even more editing, and vigorous testing, we are proud to finally reveal the brand new RoomMates website! Continue reading

  • Designer Q&A: Mary Beth Freet

    We recently made some time to chat with Mary Beth Freet, the owner, agent, and creative director of Pink Light Studio. Since creating Pink Light in 2009, Mary Beth has assembled a team of talented and inspired designers who have one common goal: to create bright, fun, whimsical artwork that will make people happy and bring smiles to their faces. Continue reading

  • Trendy Tuesday: Geometrics

    Bold, graphic, symmetric—these are three words you think of when you hear the word “geometric.” Hot off the spring fashion runways, this trend is emerging faster than ever and establishing a presence in interior design. Whether you like squares, triangles, hexagons, or a more complex polyhedron, geometric patterns add sleek and symmetrical design to any room. Continue reading

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