Kim's Cherry Blossom Stenciled Bureau

I always get a big kick out of finding creative projects that use RoomMates on Pinterest. This lucky find is one such project—and when I stumbled upon it, I was so impressed and excited that I immediately emailed the creator to ask if we could feature it on our blog! She said yes, so now I'm sharing it with you.

Kim at Reposhture Studio used our Cherry Blossom Tree wall decals as a reverse stencil on a wooden bureau. Reverse stenciling, as Kim explains it, is a technique where areas of wood or material that you don't want to paint are marked off. This is similar to the technique used in the stenciled Tree Branches headboard project Kelsey shared with us earlier this year. In her original blog post, Kim explains how she created her stenciled bureau, which started out looking like this...


This [bureau] had some beautiful wood that I wanted to show through, so I decided that the best way to highlight this feature was to mask off portions of it, then choose a paint color that would contrast nicely with the wood. [...] found a gigantic wall decal of a cherry blossom tree. I pieced together branches and flowers until I was happy with the arrangement.

Here's the bureau with the wall decals placed on it:

Wooden bureau with Cherry Blossom wall decals placed on it

Kim then painted over the bureau with using a pretty soft turquoise shade. Once the paint had completely dried, she peeled away the wall decals to reveal the natural wood beneath. Here are the results...

Wooden bureau after using wall decals as stencils

This is a really gorgeous bureau now! The contrast between the paint and the dark wood is very striking, but not distracting—I think the shades compliment each other nicely. Kim also made a few tweaks to the finished product, such as cutting into the wood to “define” the branches and hand-painting the centers of the flowers, to give further definition to the cherry blossom pattern. The result is a very pretty piece of furniture that is sure to strike up a conversation!

Thank you to Kim for allowing us to share her project on our blog! If you want to learn more about her stenciled bureau, and to see another reverse stenciling project she tackled with a small table, you can read her original post here.

What do you think of the idea of using wall decals as stencils? Is this something you would like to try for yourself? Now that we've found two great examples of our decals used in this way, I encourage you to give it a shot! We would love to see the results of your own creative wall decal project.

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