Joanna's Growing Flowers Inspired Nursery

We’ve been receiving a lot of great photos and decorating stories over these past few weeks! I’ve enjoyed reading emails about how our wall decals were used in a wide variety of different settings, from bedrooms and nurseries to a public library, and how they improved the rooms or changed the setting entirely. It never fails to brighten my day when I get a new photo from a customer!

Our latest submission comes to you from Joanna, who sent us a photo of her little girl’s nursery. In her email, Joanna mentioned that the room was designed around our Growing Flowers wall decals. A lot of customers seem to seek out wall decals that match their existing decor, but because Joanna was starting from scratch in a new home, she was working the other way around! She writes:

When I started to search for wall decorations for my new baby’s room, I searched for flower wall decals [...] Since [my daughter] is my first girl, I was very excited to decorate her room in our new house. As soon as I saw the picture [of the Growing Flowers wall decals] on the RoomMates website, I knew that this was exactly what I wanted. I loved the design and the colors were perfect. I designed the rest of the room around those colors, and it was the first room that I finished when we moved into our new house.

Here are the two photos that Joanna sent with her email:

Joanna's Growing Flowers wall decals

I’m loving the fresh white walls and furniture in this nursery, and if you look closely at the crib bedding, pillow, and changing table, you’ll see what Joanna was talking about: everything matches the Growing Flowers stickers perfectly! The three flowers above the crib are adorable, and the additional two blooms above the changing table carry the theme to another wall.

In her email, Joanna also mentions how easy it was to use RoomMates in the nursery:

I enjoyed putting the stickers up with my 5 year old son. I had to move things around at first a few times, and the stickers came off the wall easily without peeling the paint. Once I had them in the correct position, I pressed the stickers on the wall and they stayed on firmly.

In the end, it sounds like we have one very happy customer (and one very cute nursery):

When people walk past the room, they ask me who designed the room and which painter painted it so nicely. Thank you, RoomMates!

Thank you, Joanna, for sharing your decorating story with us. We hope baby Ella loves her room! To get a look at how another customer used the same wall flower wall decals in her daughter's "big girl" bedroom, click here to read about Lisa's Nursery Upgrade. Both of these rooms are really something special, aren't they?

Want to see your own decorating story featured here on our blog, and take home a $25 gift certificate to our store? Just send us photos of how you used RoomMates in your home! Click here to get all the details. We hope to hear from you soon!

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