How to Install a Clock Wall Decal

Sick of your boring dated clock? RoomMates has just the solution you need to make telling time fun! Try our peel and stick clock wall decals to make your clock match your home decor.

To help you apply our clock wall decals without a hitch, we've written this helpful application guide to assist you the entire way. We'll be showing you how to install our colorful clock wall decals, but you could easily use this guide with our other clock wall decals.

Here's how to easily apply your clock wall decals step-by-step!

Step 1


You will receive your RoomMates wall decals in a protective packaging. Begin by removing the wall decal sheets and laying them out flat; then remove the clock mechanism and the adhesive stickers. A little measuring may be required to ensure that your assembled clock wall decal will fit in the intended space. Wipe your wall with a dry cloth to ensure it's clean and free of any dust.

Remember: It is important that you do not apply RoomMates clock wall decals to freshly painted surfaces. We recommend waiting at least 2-3 weeks to allow the paint to "cure" before application.

Step 2


Begin applying your clock wall decals to the desired location. Start with the number 12 and work your way around the clock. We recommend taking a slow and steady approach to reduce any bubbles or creases. As we learned when installing a clock wall decal, it is important to take a step or two back from the wall during the installation process to ensure that you are creating a circular clock.

Colorful-Clock-Wall-Decals Colorful-Clock-Wall-Decals


As we progressed, our clock wall decal took shape. Don't be afraid to remove and reposition a number as you go. Our wall decals can be removed and repositioned numerous times without losing their stickiness.

Step 3


The last and final step is applying the clock mechanism. A AA battery is required for this step of the installation. Insert the AA battery into the battery slot and check your phone for the correct time. Hold the clock mechanism as if it would be installed onto the wall and set the hands to the proper time. Once this is set, apply the peel and stick adhesive squares to the back of the clock mechanism and press firmly onto the wall.

And there you have it! Give yourself a pat on the back. You've successfully installed your clock wall decal!

 Watch our "How To Install a Clock Wall Decal" video below to see the installation process come to life.

Now that you're a pro, view our entire line of clock wall decals here and hang one yourself!

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