Project Corner: DIY Projects

  • DIY Organizational Jewelry Display

    Nothing is more frustrating than trying to unknot your favorite necklace or searching for the right match to your earring minutes before having to leave the house. I‘ve always wanted to find a way to keep my jewelry organized that wasn’t so confined to a jewelry box. I don’t know about you, but if I can’t see my jewelry I never think to wear it. As a woman in my mid-twenties, I have collected quite the collection of jewelry over the years, much of it given to me by family members. I wanted a way to display these items—not only remind me to put them on in the mornings, but also to see them and think of those who have given them to me. Continue reading

  • Born to be Wild: How to Create a Wallpapered Ceiling Fan

    Many animal prints and patterns have emerged as popular decorating choices, and zebra print has been no exception. This pattern has quickly evolved into the front runner for fashion and decor. Everywhere I turn, I can always find something zebra print! From children’s clothes and bedroom decor, to design magazines and fashion runways, this bold print is certainly leaving its mark on everyone. Continue reading
  • How to Use Wall Decals as a Stencil

    I know I’ve said this before, but I am always completely blown away by the creativity of our customers. Over the years, I’ve received emails and photos from people who have fantastic decorating ideas, including some completely “out of the box” uses for our wall decals. We’ve seen everything from a family tree to a playhouse, and we receive new submissions every week. Continue reading

  • Getting Creative with Tree Branches Wall Decals

    As we’ve noted several times in past blog posts, our Tree Branches wall decals are among our most versatile and customizable designs. We’ve seen all sorts of creative projects created with these simple black leaves and branches: the Clay Family made a family tree, Carol combined two packs to create a large tree with sweet little birds, and and we even dressed it up for the winter holidays with sparkling snowflakes and gems. We’ve heard so many comments about how clever these projects are – and several additional idea for projects involving the same wall decals – that we thought we’d highlight three more of our favorite ideas that we’ve found. Keep on reading to get the details and instructions on completing these projects yourself! Continue reading

  • Create Your Own 3D Decor with RoomMates Foam Tiles

    Our peel & stick 3D wall decor includes some of the most creative products we've introduced so far! Our new foam tiles combine a thin layer of foam with a special adhesive that allows them to stick firmly to any wall or smooth surface but ensures that they won't leave behind a sticky residue or damage the paint when removed. Each tile is thin and flexible enough to allow them to be cut into custom shapes, which means you can create your very own one-of-a-kind 3D wall accents with just a few tiles and a pair of scissors! Here's a fast and easy how-to for using RoomMates foam tiles to bring color and interest into any space. Continue reading

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