Guest Post: Five Practical Alternatives to Traditional Christmas Trees

This week we are teaming up with a guest blogger! Jennifer from Christmas Tree Market is here to share some non-traditional ideas for Christmas trees.

Without further adieu here's Jennifer: 

Christmas trees are always delightful to look at -- their lush boughs hold ornaments that have been passed on through the years, and kids of all ages are thrilled to find gifts under them on Christmas morning.

Many urban homeowners, though, feel that traditional trees don't fit in their homes because of lack of space. Others spend the holidays away from home and have little reason to fuss over decorations. Some people just want to mix things up and add a personal touch to their holiday celebrations in lieu of the usual evergreens.

Whatever your reasons are, we have come up with some practical and inexpensive alternatives that add flair and cheer to the holidays.

Wall hangings using found objects


If you are into collecting trinkets and knick-knacks, you can hang them on a wall in the shape of a tree. You can use buttons, picture frames, necklaces, and pieces of jewelry to infuse a merry personal touch onto a whitewashed wall. Let friends and family write messages of hope and goodwill on Post-Its and stick them on your Christmas Wall of Joy -- this could serve as a guestbook for those who visit for the holidays.

You can also purchase Christmas tree decals from online dealers for quick and easy installation -- they take so little space and can be used to decorate whatever your heart desires. Best of all, they peel off without damaging your wall's paint job.

Light centerpieces


Lights are used to accentuate a Christmas tree's ornaments, so why not make the lights themselves the center of your celebration? Drape strings of fairy lights from your ceiling to form a tree-like shape -- it's much better if the lights come in different colors. You can also place a string of lights on your wall to form the outline of a tree.

If you have an LCD or LED projector, you can project holiday images such as snowed-in cabins or pine forests, or make a slideshow of past holidays spent with family and friends. You're limited only by the memories and images that you have.

Miniature trees


Your home's lack of open space shouldn't deter you from introducing greenery into it. In fact, plants help keep the air fresh and clean, especially in tight, confined spaces. Instead of using a fully grown tree, why not use potted bonsai? Bonsai are miniature plants that take up very little space.

Decorate them with mini-ornaments and a string of small LEDs in different colors. Place the bonsai in a shallow tray filled with gravel and water to keep their foliage green and supple, and you'll have a Christmas tree that doubles as a table topper. You can also use dried-up tree branches, place them in pots, and drape ornaments and lights around them for a stripped-down, rustic look.

These alternative decorative holiday pieces are not merely easy to make and decorate; they are also eco-friendly, space-efficient, and can be placed just about anywhere. Try one of these holiday-decorating alternatives, and you'll find out that you've saved more than enough space for all the gifts you'll be getting for Christmas!

Jennifer Lutz is the home deocr expert at the Christmas Tree Market. She frequently writes about home decor and holiday topics, and recently published an article on maintaining real and artificial Christmas Trees. Click here to read her article. 

We hope enjoyed Jennifer's guest post and are ready to add some non-traditional Christmas trees to your holiday decor. Do you have a favorite Christmas tree design? Feel free to leave us a comment and share your projects! 

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