Friday Finds: Strictly Stripes

Stripes -- you either love them or hate them. But in 2013, we love them! The classic and timeless pattern is re-emerging  in the fashion and interior design categories. This week's Friday Finds is strictly about stripes.

image from Mode Vintage image from Mode Vintage

Whether you prefer vertical or horizontal, stripes in any room can create a feature or accent wall. Nowhere is this more present than in this bedroom with black and white striped wallpaper. The accent pillow in a cool green and the nightstand in warm earthy tones transform this bedroom into a elegant space.

image from Be, Love, Create image from Be, Love, Create

You might also choose to decorate a blank stairwell with some subtle stripes and personalized artwork. By intermixing various sized stripes in neutral colors, it creates an eyecatching pattern without being over the top. Whether you choose to use letters or perhaps black & white photos as your display, your staircase will always be catching everyone's eye.

Here is Nicole K.'s find for the week:

When I first saw this striped wall made out of washi tape, I let out a little giggle of delight. This is a fun and (maybe most importantly) temporary way to add a punch of color and pattern to a small space or wall. It's easy enough to do: just grab somewashi tape and roll it out.

image from Ann Kelle image from Ann Kelle

I especially like the fact that Ann did this freehand, without measuring or methods. The stripes aren't 100% straight, but I feel like that adds to the charm. And washi tape is so easy to peel off and put back on (a lot like our wall decals!), so when she wasn't happy with something, all she had to do was make a quick change.

I hope that this week's finds have left you with a new taste for stripes, and that your imagination is running wild with how you could incorporate this trend into your home. Do you have a striped accent piece or wall in your home? We would love to see your projects or photos. Leave a comment below!

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