Decorating Ideas + Inspiration

  • Guest Post: Simple Bathroom Updates

    This week we are teaming up with a guest blogger! Angelo from Home Depot is here to share several simple and inexpensive ways that you can update your bathroom to suit your design tastes... as well as the tastes of others in the same household.

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  • Friday Finds: Office Decor

    It’s Monday morning and your alarm is going off. The weekend went by so fast! As you struggle to get out of bed and dressed, you'll naturally forget something on your way out the door. Statistics show we spend more time at work than at home. So why not personalize your workspace to make it feel like home? Continue reading

  • Halloween Decorating Ideas

    I know it's hard to believe, but October is halfway through and Halloween will be here before we know it! Every year we look forward to what costumes are going to be worn and think about where to go trick-or-treating. Continue reading

  • Amazing Accent Walls

    There's something fresh, clean, and natural about plain white walls. Their simplicity allows us to view them almost as a plain canvas, one that can be decorated in a huge variety of ways. But why not make the wall itself the focus, rather than what you put on or against it? Continue reading

  • Back to School Organization

    I know you are thinking “but summer just started!” but the back to school season is already upon us. Students will soon be receiving their class schedules and supply lists for the new year. Before you rush out to your local department store to pick up supplies, here are a few inexpensive ideas from our catalog that will help you stay organized this year. Continue reading

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