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  • Creating Your Dream Patio

    Turning your empty back porch or patio into an outdoor room you love is a dream for many homeowners. As much as it is a project to look forward to, the actual planning can be a bit daunting. It can sometimes be a bit difficult to figure out where to start.

    The nice thing about this DIY project is that the hardest part is the decision making process. After you figure out what your plan will be, the setup is all fun.  Follow these decision-making steps when creating your dream patio, and your space will come together in no time.
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  • Powder Rooms That Pop

    Since your powder room plays peek-a-boo with the main living spaces in your home, you’ll really want it to be appealing. From older homes with a half-bath tucked under the stairs to modern open-concept homes, your guest bath tends to be quite convenient to the flow of the house. This means that guests are bound to get a peep even if they don’t visit it. Why not make it a star?
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  • 5 Quick Updates for Every Room

    If your new house is actually an old house, you'll probably need to update some details you might not have thought about. Trust me, I know. Renovating my 1950s ranch has sent me running for the store so many times that my car knows the way without me.

    At first, I thought fresh paint would do the trick. In the bedroom I tackled, the new paint looked great. But what it also did was make a lot of little details stand out—details that made the room look old and outdated. So in addition to paint, you need to go a few steps further.

    Here are five quick updates for every room I found that really transform a room. Fortunately, they are all really easy to change! Read on to find out how.
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  • Easy DIY XY Pokemon Themed Bedroom

    Create Pokemon scenes on the wall in seconds with your favorite characters! Perfect for gamers, battle it out on the wall with our XY Pokemon Wall Sticker set.
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  • 5 Easy Nursery Organization Ideas

    About the only thing that grows as fast as your baby are the mounds of clothing your baby has outgrown. The Mayo Clinic reports your baby may triple his or her birth weight by age one, so that’s a lot of clothing to handle.

    Newborn, three-month, six-month, nine-month and 12-month clothing starts to pile up quickly. With all those different sizes and changes happening so rapidly, it’s no wonder parents get overwhelmed. Here are some of my favorite professional tips for organizing nurseries and all those baby clothes. Just follow these 5 easy nursery organization ideas to keep your nursery organized!
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