Decorating With RoomMates: XL Wall Mural

If you've never applied wallpaper before, our XL Wall Murals might seem a little daunting. But not to worry: we produced this video especially for those of you who have no experience with prepasted wallpaper or murals.

As the video shows, application is really fairly easy, and consists of a few simple steps: cut the strips, activate the paste, apply to the wall, and smooth out bubbles. Here are a few more tips you might find helpful, if you're planning to apply a mural anytime soon:

  • Make sure you prime your wall before application! Although our SureStrip technology allows the mural to be removed in full pieces, when the time comes to take it down, that all depends on a wall that has been properly prepared for wallpaper products. You can read more about priming in our wallpaper FAQ, found here.
  • Wallpaper murals are best suited for flat, smooth, painted walls. If you're planning on applying your mural to a paneled or textured surface, you should consider sanding down the texture or applying a specially designed pre-sized wallpaper liner beforehand.
  • Application of these murals is much easier when there's more than one person involved: a team of four people worked to apply the finished Batman mural you see in the video above, and it was up on the wall in about twenty minutes. (No, we didn't make our actress apply it herself!)
  • A wallpaper seam roller and soft-bristled paintbrush are two very valuable tools to have on hand during the application process: the seam roller will easily flatten out the edges of each individual piece of the mural, while the paintbrush should be used to gently push out air pockets or wrinkles. Don't use anything made out of metal or hard plastic to push out bubbles—it can result in scrapes and scratches on the surface of the design. If you look very closely at the finished mural in the video above, you can see at least one of these. (Hey, nobody's perfect!)

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about the application process, or aren't sure if an XL mural is right for you, you should feel free to contact us for guidance. Call us at (800) 236-4520, email us, or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook. We're always happy to help!

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