Decorating With Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboards seem to be everywhere you look these days! From chalkboard wall decals to full walls covered in a chalkboard surface, this medium has become hugely popular outside of classrooms – and with good reason! Chalkboards serve as messaging centers, canvases for budding artists, and even have a place as room decor.

If you’ve been thinking about adding a chalkboard surface somewhere in your home, chalkboard paint may be one of the easiest ways to accomplish this. This surprisingly inexpensive medium allows you to transform walls, doors, furniture, or any other paintable object, into a fully functional chalkboard. I’ve compiled three of my favorite chalkboard paint ideas here for your enjoyment. Maybe they’ll inspire you to try a project of your own!

Chalkboard Painted Door

You may already know that a door painted with a bright pop of color can be an easy way to bring life into an otherwise boring room – but why not give this a try with colored chalkboard paint? Diana of ourcitylights painted a door in her dining room with a hot pink chalkboard paint she found online, and the result was so amazing that I had to share it here!


image from ourcitylights

In Diana’s post on her blog, she says that she chose pink to dress up her boring dining room. Since the door is relatively close to her table, she uses the chalkboard surface as “a meal planner, a shopping list, a to-do list, or just for love notes.” She also notes that she likes to practice her “bad doodles” on it, but her drawing skills are way better than mine!

chalkboard door from ourcitylights

Diana also shares a tip she found on Pinterest for painting a door: mold aluminum foil over the doorknob before you start. This will allow you to paint right up to the edges of the doorknob without getting paint on it, and you can just throw away the foil when you’re done. Genius!

Chalkboard Dining Room Table

Now this is really creative! Kate of Mi Piace Kate purchased a wooden table through a craigslist ad that was destined to become something really special: a chalkboard dining room table! In her original blog post, Kate has plenty of details and pictures showing how this ordinary table became a rather unexpected chalkboard surface perfect for parties and drawing-during-dinner fun.

chalkboard tabletop from Mi Piace Kate

image from Mi Piace Kate

After sanding the table, two coats of primer were applied, followed by two coats of chalkboard paint. She waited three days for the paint to fully cure before using the table, and although it sounds like the wait was hard, it was definitely worth it!

Chalkboard Tabletop from Mi Piace Kate

For just a little over $100, this DIY chalkboard table completely changed the look of the room it occupied. Kate added one very helpful tip to her post: if you can’t find chalkboard paint in the color you want, you may be able to mix in a little bit of paint in another color to find just the right shade. In her case, a hardware store employee added a little bit of white paint to their default black paint to create the custom slate gray color used on the table.

Chalkboard Clay Pots

Robin of The Robin’s Nest has a ton of crafty projects on her blog, but her tutorial for creating chalkboard clay pots was one that caught my eye right away! Just a little bit of spray-on primer, chalkboard paint, and some small clay pots came together to create a customizable indoor herb garden that can easily be changed with the seasons, or when the planted herb is replaced with another one.

alt text

image from The Robin's Nest

Robin’s original post on accomplishing this project is incredibly detailed, and walks you through painting your clay pots step-by-step. Though she used a small can of black chalkboard paint to cover her clay pots, she notes that spray-on chalkboard paint is available and might work just as well. She also notes that chalk pens can be used on the finished pots for fine details (as you see below—don’t you just love her handwriting?), but they don’t erase as easily as regular chalk.

alt text

Though Robin chose to paint small clay pots for her indoor herb garden, it would be easy to paint larger clay pots that are used for flowers or larger plants. She also has a couple really creative ideas for decorating these pots for each season. How cute is her idea of writing “HO HO HO” on chalkboard pots that house miniature poinsettias?

One Final Tip…

Although all the projects we’ve highlighted here used pre-mixed, purchased chalkboard paint out of a can, you can very easily – and inexpensively! – make your own chalkboard paint in any color you please. You only need latex paint, unsanded tile grout, sandpaper, and some chalk. Check out the Martha Stewart article on creating your own chalkboard paint for more information, plus some creative ideas for using this handmade paint in your home.

What do you think about these chalkboard projects? Do you see one here that you would like to re-create in your own home? Or have you been inspired to try something brand new? Sound off in the comments and let us know! Just remember: if all else fails or you’re paint-shy, you can always try out one of our chalkboard or dry erase wall decals instead! Check out Heather's Chalkboard Book Nook for one idea on using a chalkboard wall decal as an interactive piece of decor for your kids or family.

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