Customer Room Submissions

  • Lisa’s Nursery Upgrade

    Lisa from Miami, FL, recently posted on our Facebook page about the RoomMates she used in her daughter Isabel's nursery-turned-"big girl" bedroom. Our Dotted Tree and Growing Flowers wall decals were combined to create a bright, colorful design that completely filled a blank wall. They even matched Isabel’s brand new bedding! Continue reading

  • Kate’s MegaPack Story

    Kate of BrushStroke Designs recently sent us a photograph of her daughter’s room decorated with our Doggie Treats MegaPack. Now, even our dedicated fans may not know this... but Kate is actually the artist who created this design, as well as many of our other MegaPacks wall decals! She provided the art for Doggie Treats, Oh La La, and many others. So it’s a real treat to see this photograph, and it sounds like working with RoomMates was a treat for Kate, too! She writes: Continue reading

  • The Clay Family Tree

    A few months ago, Jaime posted a really creative use of our Tree Branches wall decals on our Facebook page. We already knew our Tree Branches were among our most customizable designs, but we were wowed by Jaime’s creativity! She used our wall decals to create a completely customizable, repositionable family tree right on her wall. It’s one of our most innovative customer submissions to date, so we absolutely had to share! Here’s what Jaime had to say about the project: Continue reading

  • Decorating in Small Spaces

    For many families, decorating can be difficult when space is limited. Small rooms can be tricky, because wall space is hard to come by, and as renters know, it's not always acceptable to paint or hang pictures. Sometimes there's a need to cover cracks or imperfections, but a large piece of wall decor just won't fit. So what is there to do? As many have learned, wall decals are the perfect solutions to all of these dilemmas. Here are some great examples of how to use RoomMates to dress up small spaces in your home. Continue reading

  • Cate's Creative Lazy Susans

    We love seeing all the creative things our customers do with RoomMates. Sometimes what we see surprises us, and we were quite surprised (and excited) when we received Cate's e-mail. Cate used our Chefs Wall Decals and Wine Tasting Wall Decals to decorate some Lazy Susans she'd purchased. While we've already mentioned using RoomMates on walls or furniture, this was a new idea that we just adored! Cate writes: Continue reading

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