Creative and Crafty Headboard Ideas

When my husband and I moved in together and combined our two households of furniture, we settled on using his bedroom furniture as opposed to mine. All of his furniture is some kind of solid wood, so it’s very pretty... as well as heavy, nearly impossible to move without a full team of people, and noisy. The headboard on our bed is no exception to these rules: at one point something broke that we can’t seem to fix, so every time we so much as roll over, the darn thing goes clunking into the wall. We’ve moved the bed back and tried to fix the break, but at this point I’m ready to rip the whole thing off.

That brings us to today’s topic: creative headboards. While I’ve been, er, blessed with a big wooden headboard, more and more beds seem to be sold without headboards. Sometimes you just need a little something to fill in that space so it doesn’t look so empty (or so you don’t bang your head into the drywall in the middle of the night). Here are a couple creative headboard ideas that I’ve been considering for my own house...

Use Reclaimed Materials


image from Better Homes and Gardens

Headboards made from rustic and reclaimed wood have grown in popularity recently. We’re seeing everything from pallets to plywood being used at the top of beds. These DIY headboards are inexpensive, can be created from virtually anything, and have the added bonus of being one-of-a-kind. They take a little bit of work—usually nails, sandpaper, and stain are required, at the very minimum—but how the end result looks is entirely up to you.

fence post headboard from House Tweaking

image from House Tweaking

The above photo from Dana of House Tweaking shows a headboard made out of fence posts. Better Homes and Gardens, meanwhile, suggests using a simple piece of plywood cut to size, sanded, and stained. And if you look around on websites like Pinterest, you’re sure to find a ton of other headboards made out of wood from nearly every source you can think of. The sky’s the limit, and you can use materials you already have as a source for this project.

If a pallet headboard sounds a little too rough for you, I have a feeling you’ll like this next idea much better.

Get Comfortable

Who doesn’t like the idea of a plush, upholstered headboard? Unfortunately, such items are usually fairly expensive—usually several hundred dollars (yipes!)—so you might have tossed this idea out the window long ago. But it’s possible to create your own soft, cushy headboard for way less than you’d pay to buy one.

custom pillow headboard from Better Homes and Gardens

image from Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens has several tips for “soft” headboards, including this idea shown above: find (or make) two large pillows approximately the same width as your bed, stitch hanging loops on the back, then secure them to the wall with nails or tacks.

DIY upholstered headboard from Just another day in the lives of...

image from Just another day in the lives of...

If you want to get really creative, though, grab some plywood, foam, and fabric, and follow the instructions to make your own upholstered headboard from Jen at Just another day in the lives of.... Jen’s tutorial has tons of detail and helpful photos, and the beautiful headboard you see above cost her less than $100 to create. I also really like that her fabric of choice was a tablecloth!

Finally, here’s one more idea for you to consider...

Stick ‘Em Up! (Your Headboard, That Is)

If you’re not worried about having something solid, padded, or physical at the top of your bed, this might be the solution for you. Consider pushing the head of your bed up against a wall that is flat and completely smooth... then add a wall decal headboard!

Forever Twined wall decal headboard

There are a few really cool bonuses that come along with using wall decals as a sort of pseudo headboard. First of all, because our wall decals are removable and reusable, you can change out the graphic at the top of your bed as often as you like. (Just remember to save those liners!) Second, wall decals can work even with existing headboards—kind of as an extension of sorts, as you see above. So if you’re concerned about hanging art above your bed but still want to fill in some blank space, a wall decal will work just fine.

Tinker Bell wall decal headboard

Finally, a wall decal headboard is just cool. It’s unexpected, and anyone who walks into your room is bound to see it and do a double take. And did I mention it doesn’t make any noise whatsoever? None. It’s completely silent. You’ll never roll over in the middle of the night and hear it creaking ominously at you, like “one day I’m going to fall apart as you’re sleeping!” (I might be speaking from personal experience here.)

What do you think of these clever headboard ideas? Do you have any of your own you’d like to contribute? Do you have a headboard, or do you prefer to sleep with your head nestled snugly against the wall? Feel free to sound off in the comments!

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