Celebrate March Madness with our Men's Basketball Wall Decals!

With the NCAA March Madness tournament underway, decorate your walls to cheer on your top teams. Are you a Kansas, Michigan, Ohio State fan? West Virginia, University of Wisconsin? Whoever your top team is, we have over fifty collegiate peel and stick wall decals for you to cheer on your favorite teams.

By decorating with RoomMates peel and stick wall decals, you can choose to leave your wall decals up permanently or move them around from your walls to your car, to your locker or office without the quality decreasing.

To help you along the way (and get our game on the RoomMates walls), we're showing you how-to hang our brand new Men's Basketball Champion Giant Wall Decals. Our step-by-step guide below will show you how to apply your basketball decals to the walls in just minutes. You can easily use this guide with any of our collegiate sports wall decals and champion sports wall decals.

Let's begin!

When you receive your Men's Basketball Champion Giant Wall Decals they will look like this:


The first thing that you will want to do is unpack your wall decal and choose your location. A little measuring may be required in order to ensure that your assembled design will fit in the intended space. In this case, the assembled size of the basketball player is 22.5" wide x 52" tall. Wipe your wall with a dry or slightly damp cloth to ensure it's clean and free of any dust.

Remember: Do not apply RoomMates wall decals to freshly painted walls! We recommend waiting at least 2-3 weeks to allow the paint to "cure" before application.


To begin, slowly peel each pre-cut wall decal from the backing and begin to assemble your giant wall decal, starting with the piece labeled one. Continue installing each piece in sequential order until the giant wall decal is fully assembled.


Once you've finished, give yourself a pat on the back! If you spot any bubbles, you can grab a credit card and use it to carefully push them to the sides where they'll disappear. If your design is crooked, simply peel it away from the wall and start over. When completed, you will have a life-like basketball player that is sure to wow all your friends!


Now that you've finished installing your wall decals, below are a few common questions we receive a lot:

What if I want to remove my wall decal?

If you’re moving it to a new spot or need to store it until next year, save the liner the wall decals came on. When it’s time to remove the giant wall decal all you have to do is place each piece back on the liner and keep in a safe place.

Will your wall decal damage my walls? 

RoomMates wall decals are fully removable and repositionable, to make for quick and easy installation. They can be applied in minutes and removed without a trace. You will never have to worry about our wall decals peeling away paint or leaving behind any unwanted residue.

Where can I find decals of my favorite sports team?

Visit our collegiate sports wall decals section here. Find your favorite team and bring your walls to life today!


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