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RoomMates enthusiast, passionate writer, and obsessed with the world of DIY. Loves penguins, the color yellow, and video games. Always up for a good decorating challenge!

  • DIY Picture Frame With Quote Wall Decals


    Today we’re going to use one of our Quotables wall sticker designs to decorate a do-it-yourself picture frame. This idea is almost effortless, and can add that special, personal touch to a beloved snapshot or piece of art. As a bonus, this will also save you money, since there's no need to buy an expensive picture frame! Continue reading

  • Trendy Tuesday: Ruby Red

    Two years ago, just before Tangerine Tango was announced as Pantone's color of the year, I bought a tangerine purse. Late last summer, I snatched up a dark green purse... and then Emerald became the favored color. I didn't notice this until a coworker pointed it out, and now a few people suspect that I'm able to predict color trends based on the purse I buy closest to the end of each year. So if my psychic purse picking powers (say that ten times fast!) are to be believed, Pantone will be selecting a shade of red sometime very soon. Continue reading

  • A Dream Dollhouse for Three Lucky Girls

    RoomMates customer Roy recently sent us some photos of a project he took on for his three daughters, ages 8, 5, and 3. As always, I'm impressed by what he did using our wall decals... but in this case, I'm way more excited to share the life-sized "dollhouse" he built! Continue reading

  • Trendy Tuesday: Black & White

    If you're overwhelmed by color and confused by trends, there's no shame in going back to the basics. The simple and classic pairing of black and white can make a room fun, cozy, dramatic, calm, and everything in between. I'm seeing B&W re-emerge as a trend in fashion, and this combination is timeless when it comes to home decor. Continue reading

  • Rose's Silver Dollar Branch Border

    We always love to be surprised by what people have accomplished with RoomMates. Our latest customer submission comes to us from Rose, who used our Silver Dollar Branch Wall Decals in a truly creative way! Here's what she wrote us about her decorating project:

    After painting and wallpapering our open concept kitchen and dining room, I wanted to complete the two rooms by connecting them with an elegant vine stencil. While shopping, I came across a RoomMates display. As soon as I saw the Silver Dollar decals, the colors were exactly what I was looking for. Continue reading

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