How To Apply RoomMates Wall Panels

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By Nicole K.

As wall decals get bigger and bigger, applying them may seem like a bigger challenge, too. But never fear: RoomMates is here to help make application of any one of our wall decal designs easy.


This how-to will guide you through the steps of applying one of our huge Star Wars wall panels. You might think that applying a really big design is hard, but if you follow these simple steps, we’re sure you’ll find it much easier than expected.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Two people (highly recommended—this will make the hanging process a lot easier)
  • A pencil
  • A level, ruler, or other straight edge
  • A small ladder or stepstool (optional)
  • Your wall panel

Once you have all your supplies together, you can get started! Just follow these steps to make application easy.

Mark the wall

1. Mark the wall

Using a level and a pencil, draw a light line on the wall where you want the top or side of your decal to rest. This will ensure that your panel is applied straight.

If you don’t have a level on hand, a ruler or any other straight edge will work just fine. You can even use the packaging, if you want!

Remove the top of the liner

2. Remove the top of the liner

Peel three to four inches off the backing liner from the top of the decal. Do not remove the entire liner! Doing so could make the installation more difficult.

If you peel off too much of the liner, don’t fear: simply have a second person hold the excess away from the wall while you start smoothing from top to bottom. You can also re-apply the decal to the liner if you’re working on your own.

Begin the application

3. Begin applying the design

Apply the first few inches of the decal to the wall. Slowly peel away the liner while pressing and smoothing the decal to the wall. If two people are installing the decal, one person can remove the liner while the other smoothes out the design. Work in small sections at a time to avoid air bubbles.

If large air pockets or bubbles are formed, gently peel off that section and re-apply. Most bubbles will disappear if you apply pressure to them, or push them toward the sides. If they do not go away, you can use a needle to poke a tiny hole in the design, then press down firmly to let the air out.

Smooth it out

4. Smooth out the decal

Once finally applied to the wall, press firmly on the decal from top to bottom, ensuring that no air is trapped beneath.

For very large designs, you may want to use a seam roller (available at your local wallpaper supply store) to ensure that the panel is completely flat. If it’s crooked, simply peel it away from the wall and re-apply, smoothing slowly from top to bottom.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your wall panel should be completely applied. Take a step back and admire your handiwork—you’ve just applied a giant, eye-catching wall decal. Your friends and family won’t believe their eyes! Great job!


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