Black & White Chalkboard & Dry Erase Dots Wall Decals

Black & White Chalkboard & Dry Erase Dots Wall Decals

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Black & White Chalkboard & Dry Erase Dots Wall Decals


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Dry Erase Wall Decals Chalkboard Wall Decals

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Combine style and functionality with these black and white dot wall decals.

Our chalkboard and dry erase dots are a super simple way to add a message center to any wall or flat surface. Simply peel each of the dots from their backing and stick them up wherever you please. Write on the black dots with the included pieces of chalk, and the white ones with a dry erase marker. Move them around whenever you please and have fun erasing your messages and starting over again! A great decorating idea for almost anywhere, including kitchens, dorm rooms, apartments, living spaces, and even the office.

This product is printed on opaque material for optimum color brightness. Suitable for any wall color.


4 sheets of 10" x 18"
decals range from 1.75" to 9" in diameter

Number of Wall Decals:

31 Includes two pieces of chalk!

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I stuck these up in my kitchen. My kids enjoy writing notes on them or decorating them for holidays!
They are the perfect size for writing reminder notes.
Love it Love it Love it. Everyone who comes over thinks they are awesome.
No dramas with paint coming off and I rearrange compulsively. Plus our house is old so if paint was an issue, it would come off here. Great product!
Aunt B
Don't want paint to come off. Afraid of that happening.
Ann-Marie McCloud
I received these as a gift during the holidays and put them in my home office. I was INCREDIBLY disappointed when I tried to rearrange them a little bit and one of the chalkboard decals pulled a chip of paint off my wall, which was painted professionally only six months ago. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary, and there's no reason this should have happened. My guess is that the adhesive is CHEAP. I wouldn't recommend this product and I won't be buying from this company again.
Great for my college student!!
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