Black Scroll Branch Wall Decals with Foil Leaves

Black Scroll Branch Wall Decals with Foil Leaves

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Black Scroll Branch Wall Decals with Foil Leaves


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These elegant black branches and shining foil leaves are a fast and easy way to bring wall decor into any boring room.

Application is easy: just peel each pre-cut portion from the liner and smooth it out on the wall. You can follow our guide or create your very own masterpiece—decorate however you like! Our wall decals are completely removable and repositionable, so it's impossible to make a mistake that you can't fix. Try out our wall decals and you'll see right away just how easy it is to decorate with RoomMates.

This product is printed on opaque material. Suitable for any wall color.

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3 sheets of 10" x 18"
1 sheet of foil leaves, measuring 4.5" x 10"
recommended assembly 49" x 28"
decals range from 1" x 1.5" to 15.75" x 6"

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Dave from Virginia Beach
this is a nice product however it is very complicated to install. It would have been nice for the company to put numbers on each decal so this would have been less of a puzzle. Also they did not put any dimensions to the size of the overall decal making it hard to know what the center should be.very frustrating however nice once done right. But that took a lot of time and more effort than I wanted to put into the project.
I purchased this on a lark since I have always been curious about using decals and would they look cheap, etc. I bought Black Scroll Branch Wall Decals with Foil Leaves and put it up in my bedroom over my bed and it looks amazing! It comes in 4 sheets and by looking at the picture on the package and placing the branches in from right to left first and then placing the leaves I had the whole thing up in less and an hour. It also comes with a some extra leaves in addition to what is shown. Totally worth the time. It looks like it was painted on the wall (other than the foil leaves). I am now obsessed with decals and am back for more for my bathroom. And you can not beat the price over other brands!
I found this product to be TOTALLY FRUSTRATING. As Amanda says, it was a puzzle putting it together. I got frustrated and pulled the stickers off the wall and returned it for my money back. There is nothing I hate more than having my time wasted. This product should have numbered pieces so that you can create the item as it is pictured on the package. There is no rhyme or reason to this puzzle.
I am disspointed as I really love the way it looked on the package and was looking forward to having it on my wall.
This company needs to SERIOUSLY consider making this particular Decal a lot more USER FRIENDLY.
I really liked the way this turned out but boy was it a puzzle putting it together. I had done another one (I don't know if it was the same company) that had a numbered guide to create the design shown on the box, this one was a complete puzzle with all the pieces looking almost identical as it is cut down into many small pieces, fragments of vines. In the end it does look good, even the foil leaves stuck to the wall better than I thought they would and I would recommend this.
Tina Blevins
Black Scroll Branch Wall Decals with Foil Leaves. I bought this for my bathroom and it looks amazing. it was really easy and affordable. i love the decals and will be buying more.
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