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RoomMates Peel and Stick Wall Decals.
Peel. Stick. Done.

RoomMates are removable and reusable peel and stick wall decals that stick to any smooth surface and remove safely without damaging your walls.

Our wall decals feature your favorite designs and characters, and are available in styles from traditional to modern. You can even create custom wall decals using your favorite characters or your own artwork! Need something new or just want to change your seasonal decor? Wall decals are perfect — just peel and stick!

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Customer Reviews

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  • JWourms reviewed mia&co Buttercups Transfer Wall Decals

    In general I love the buttercup wall decals for their pop of color, the wall color that shows through and the immediate (and temporary) impact they have in a room. The thin black vinyl lines are tricky to apply to the wall but worth the effort. TIP: Take the smaller pieces off of the transfer sheet and apply like a sticker. Take your time on the larger pieces as they tend to pull off the wall with the transfer sheet.

  • will1494 reviewed How to Train Your Dragon 2 Astrid & Stormfly Giant Wall Decals

    We got the giant Toothless decal along with the assorted How to Train Your Dragon 2 decals packages -- figuring that Stormfly would round out the variety in the room we got this package as well. Stormfly has great color and detail and is truly gorgeous on the wall!

    We have another child coming in December, and figuring it COULD be a girl or a boy, having the female lead from the movie seemed a good choice for a shared bedroom! We'd recommend these decals to anyone redecorating -- adult or child! RoomMates is the ticket to economical ease!

Hello! We're RoomMates Peel and Stick Decor.

Fun, easy and affordable wall decor and wall decals are what we’re all about. We are the largest manufacturer of wall decals and decorative peel & stick products in North America. We also make custom wall decals, peel & stick borders, self-adhesive mirrors, wall clocks, shelving and storage accessories, repositionable hooks, XL wallpaper murals, and more. Wall decals are a great way to transform any empty wall and offer a fun and affordable solution to updating your walls.

If you are new to Roommates, get to know us better. Read on to learn the RoomMates Peel and Stick Decor promise.

The RoomMates Wall Decals Promise

RoomMates wall decals are as easy as “peel and stick”. We use a proprietary technology that allows each wall decal to adhere firmly to any smooth surface — walls, doors, windows, mirrors, furniture, even your car, but also remove cleanly, easily, and without damage.

Roommates wall decals are removable and transferable allowing you to move, change and alter as many times as you'd like. Our home décor makes the decorating experience of rearranging furniture in a room, revamping a child's room, changing the purpose of a room, and even changing seasonal decor, easy. Plus, our wall decals are fully reusable, so you can place your wall stickers back on their liners and move them to a new room, or tuck them away in storage for later.

Our peel and stick wall decals allow walls to stay damage free and don't require the upkeep after removal like painting requires. Sticky residue is never left on the walls.

We make assembly very simple to do. Our wall stickers include numbers next to each decal to let you know which decal to place first, second and third. Our wall decals are made to inspire and assist you in creating the ultimate space. No experience is necessary when hanging our decals; just peel and stick.

Our mission is to create an affordable product while upholding quality. We offers over one thousand products from giant wall decals, smaller decals and other product lines including custom wall decals, wallpapers and murals. We like to say we have something for everyone. RoomMates wall decals for kids make it easy to decorate your child's room with Frozen one day and Mickey Mouse the next. 

RoomMates wall decals let you go beyond the wall. Our wall decals work not only on walls but on any flat surface. Unleash your creativity and use our wall decals on furniture, bathrooms, appliances, cars, or any flat surface you have in mind.

Fast, fun, affordable wall decor is our promise!